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Kick Dance Studio, Brisbane, About Us  September 6, 2013 – 11:20
Ice Skating / dance / costume skirt with matching hair

Principals - Charmaine Paddick (RAD CBTS, TCRG) Lisa Wyatt (BA. DipEd, RADTC dist. TCRG) Studio

Grooming is an essential part of our classes and we like to maintain a sense of pride and presentation in our students. Our studio colours are JACARANDA and BLACK. Studio leotards, Kick Dance tops, Ballet skirts, bike pants and tracksuits are available from the studio or by contacting Ditto Dance - 0403640226

Open Classes

To ensure that all students remain focused and, therefore, get the most out of classes, we ask parents/carers (other than Creative Movement classes) to remain in the foyer outside of studio, whenever lessons are in progress.
Oxford Street is one of the premier coffee strips in Brisbane and has a number of good bookshops and quality boutiques to visit while waiting for your child to finish their class.
We do offer regular OPEN CLASSES where parents and friends are invited into the studios to observe lessons, which are a good opportunity to monitor your child’s progress.

Special Events
The Studio holds two annual concerts, a Musical Theatre concert and a Junior concert where students gain experience in performance and related skills. We are also regularly invited to participate in local events such as the Bulimba Festival, Brisbane Ekka, St Patrick’s Day Parade and other public demonstrations. We continue to have a number of very successful troupes who compete at eisteddfods. Solo eisteddfod work is available on request.

Ballet students may sit for Royal Academy of Dance exams if suitable. Irish Dancing students are registered with the Australian Irish Dancing Association and can enter competitions at local, State, National and International levels.

Where applicable, we refer students on for auditions. Participation in events is voluntary and not at all compulsory – our emphasis is on individual development and enjoyment.

Term Fees
Each year is divided into four ten week terms for the purposes of fee structuring, but classes are run according to the school timetable to allow for school holidays. Please note that classes are run on public holidays (except Anzac Day) unless otherwise advised. Fees are outlined on the Fees and Enrolments page.

Almost all classes have waiting lists so if your child is interested in joining our Studio, please submit an enrolment form as soon as you can - please call 0414308248 for LOG IN details to do so. They will be placed on a waiting list and you will be notified when a position becomes available. Please feel free to ring and check on the progress of your child’s application. Likewise, if you wish to arrange a time to come in and observe a class in action, call Lisa directly on 0414 308 248.

Source: www.kickdance.com.au

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