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Hula Skirts  September 6, 2013 – 11:21

This page is dedicated to hula skirts.

Originally, I created one page for hula skirts and had no idea how much information that there actually was out there related to them. Of course this site is an ever growing project and I'm constantly researching ways to add additional information here.

hula skirts

I also get substantial feedback from people interested in hula dancing with questions and comments from native Hawaiian's indicating additional information that is available on some of the subjects that I write about.

It's this feedback that has brought to my attention additional information about hula skirts that certainly merits hula skirts having their own directory page on the HulaDanceHQ.com website. While we are just getting this section started, we already have a few interesting articles here about the native Hawaiian skirt which will be continually expanded on.

The Hula Skirt is a vital part of hula dancing as we know it and there is substantial history behind it as well as different variations of the skirt. These variations can range from natural leaves found in Hawaii, to cotton, to fake grass material used in the creation of hula skirts. Regardless of the kind of skirt you may be familiar with, one thing is for sure, there could be no hula dancing without the traditional hula skirt and hula dress that is engrained in the culture of the hula.

After all, could you imagine a hula dancer wearing shorts and cowboy boots? I don't think so.

If you've ever wondered about the origins or any other information about Hula Skirts, this is certainly the place to be. We all have times at work (dare I say it?) when we are thinking about the Hawaiian islands and being in sunny paradise from time to time so don't feel bad if that's you! I won't tell your boss. A glance at a hula dancer wearing a hula skirt and reading about some of the deep history involved in their creation and the evolution over time may just give you that "mental vacation" to get you through the rest of the day.

And if you're bored on the weekend or are looking for something to do with your children while instilling some of that Aloha spirit into your day, we have a piece on creating a hula skirt yourself coming in the next couple of weeks. It's easy, cheap, and fun and may just give your day that happy go lucky feel that we all seem to be missing most of the time.

Source: www.huladancehq.com

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Lets talk dirty in hawaiin?

Well, I packed my bags and bought myself a ticket
For the land of the tall palm tree.
Aloha ol’ Milwaukee,
Hello Waikiki
I just stepped down from the airplane
When I heard her say.
“Wacka Wacka, nuka, licka
Wacka Wacka nuka licka
Would you like a ……Lay
Hey, Let’s talk dirty in Hawaiian
Whisper in my ear
Kicka puka maka waawaa heenee
Are the words I long to hear
Lay your coconut on my tickie
Whata hecka mooka mooka dear.
Let’s talk dirty in Hawaiian
Say the words I long to hear

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Enter: White Man with Dreadlocks, shorts only, no shirt, and dancing like Mick Jagger to half a dozen 4' high bongo drums played by black men, tribal rythm.
White Man in Dreadlocks stops dancing and says: "Hi ya'll,folks, as part of our community improvement program we're implementing on a global basis to get on the fast track for world peace, we're gonna have to get a blood sample from everybody on the planet

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Zero Gravity Hawaii Real Hawaiian Hula Girl Costume - Toddler
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JHATS Hawaiian Hula Grass Straw Dance Party Luau Adult Skirt
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