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Parrot Behavior Problems | Lovebirds  April 8, 2021 – 07:57 pm
Parrot Behavior and Attitude


Endearing Characteristics:
Lovebirds may be small but they tend to have big personalities. At times you would think they are as big as a macaw, or at least they think they are. Their short little tails and round heads make them hard to resist. Deep brown eyes also add to their endearing qualities. Because of their popularity in aviculture there is a wide variety of color mutations available. Their colors can be stunning.

Lovebirds are fast moving. This means training a lovebird requires good observational skills and the ability to respond quickly to reinforce desired behavior. Lovebirds can learn to do behaviors larger parrots do such as target, step up, recall, turn in a circle, retrieve, allow restraint in a towel, enter a crate for transport and more. Learn the basics of training from the DVDs Parrot Behavior and Training. An Introduction to Training and The Basics of Parrot Training. A Live Workshop.

Many lovebirds appreciate head scratches. They will also reciprocate by preening the fine hairs on your skin. Some lovebirds enjoy climbing into shirts and snuggling up against the neck of their caregiver.

If you are able to imitate their high pitched chirp, they will often chirp back and forth with you. They usually accompany the chirp with a big head bob.

Interesting Facts and Quirks:
Some lovebird species are known for shredding strips of paper and tucking them under their wings. They shred with precision and each strip is uniform in width with ragged edges. The strips are usually as long as the piece of paper. It is not uncommon for a female lovebird to look like she is wearing a paper skirt after a shredding session. Some lovebirds will take the paper back to a nesting cavity; however others won’t necessarily do anything with the paper after tucking it under the wings. In many cases they simply fly away and the paper strips fall to the ground.

Lovebirds do live up to their name. They often seek the companionship of another bird or human. If this companion is perceived as a mate you might witness a very elaborate courtship dance. Female lovebirds will spread their wings out, lift their tail and spin in a circle as they emit some quiet repetitive sounds.

A Lovebird shows a courtship dispaly.

Potential Behavior Problems:
The obsession to shred paper for some species can at times be problematic. This is because lovebirds will chew whatever is available. If a treasured book is left open, the pages could become the target of a shredding lovebird. You can prevent this by making sure paper that is acceptable for shredding is easily accessed and items you don’t want chewed are safely stored away when your bird is out.

Source: www.goodbirdinc.com

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