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Boys Wearing Skirts to School? What’s Going On? – AlbertMohler.com  September 6, 2013 – 11:22
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“Clothes are never a frivolity — they always mean something.” Thus spoke James Laver, a famous costume designer and interpreter of fashion. He is right, of course. Clothes always mean something, which is why The New York Times gave major attention to an issue facing many schools: “Can a Boy Wear a Skirt to School?”

The article, right on the front of the “Sunday Styles” section of the paper, announced, “When gender bends the dress code, high schools struggle to respond.” The story reveals a confusion over gender that goes far beyond the dress code.

As Jan Hoffman reports, high schools generally have very specific rules about clothing these days. Boys are forbidden to wear muscle shirts and saggy pants, and girls cannot wear midriff-exposing tops or skirts that are too short. But what happens when a boy wants to wear a skirt?

“In recent years, a growing number of teenagers have been dressing to articulate — or confound — gender identity and sexual orientation, ” Hoffman reports. “Certainly they have been confounding school officials, whose responses have ranged from indifference to applause to bans.”

This is no longer an issue limited to isolated examples. Districts across the country have reported teens who have attempted to cross the gender line in dress. Many of these cases have captured media attention, with highly publicized controversies. In other cases, the challenges have been more quiet.

The cases are, to say the least, both interesting and troubling. Boys are making news for wearing skinny jeans, makeup, wigs, and skirts. Girls are bending gender in their own way by, for example, wearing a tuxedo for the school picture or to a school event.

Jan Hoffman does a good job of setting the issue in perspective:

Dress is always code, particularly for teenagers eager to telegraph evolving identities. Each year, schools hope to quell disruption by prohibiting the latest styles that signify a gang affiliation, a sexual act or drug use.

But when officials want to discipline a student whose wardrobe expresses sexual orientation or gender variance, they must consider antidiscrimination policies, mental health factors, community standards and classroom distractions.

Well, that certainly presents a very complicated challenge. Diane Ehrensaft, an Oakland psychologist cited in the article, states the obvious: “This generation is really challenging the gender norms we grew up with. . . . A lot of youths say they won’t be bound by boys having to wear this or girls wearing that. For them, gender is a creative playing field.” She added that adults then “become the gender police through dress codes.”

Source: www.albertmohler.com

Smart Girls Wear Short Skirts, Too

I have one strong desire that carries through life, which is that I never become one of those women who self-identifies as a feminist while conflating the problem of inequality with the non-problem of young women being sexual. Should I ever start assuming that young women who have sex are being had, or if I start hyperventilating about young women wearing miniskirts, I hope I at least have the good sense to give up the writing thing and go into real estate. A piece like Lisa Belkin's in the New York Times, where she conflates women having sex with men and actual social inequalities between college men and women, makes me cringe in embarrassment for the writer

Girl Scouts and Campfire Girls

These are tomboy organizations which mimic Boy Scouts in terminology and outdoors-like, militaristic themes.
We need an organization called "Hope Chest Girls" for young ladies which focuses on feminine arts as polite society, community, domestic life, needlepoint, tea parties, flower gardens and kitchen cookery. It's uniforms would be pretty skirts or dresses.

VMA 2013: Red Carpet Fashion Live Blog  — MTV.com
Photo: MTV. 7:16 PM — Ariana Grande is wearing the most darling floral frock by Kenley Collins. And perfect Minnie Mouse pumps! .. 6:20 PM — Rachel on the step-and-repeat. You can really see the crispness of her skirt silhouette in this one. Swoons.

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'So You Think You Can Dance': The final four  — Houston Chronicle
7:16 Gabby's arms literally have goose bumps on them right now. Good to know. 7:24 Oh look, .. Can we just declare the two girls the champions this season? When they tally the votes ..

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