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Tesco criticised by parenting group for selling mini-skirt as part of school uniform range  April 8, 2021 – 07:59 pm
Tesco criticised by parenting group for selling mini-skirt as part

The skirt, named the Hitch and Stitch, is less than a foot in length and is stitched in places around the hem to raise it further.

Critics said the garment overly sexualises young girls and is inappropriate as schoolwear.

Siobhan Freegard from the parenting website Netmums said it looked like something that "is sold in a sexy schoolgirl range at Ann Summers".

She said: "If Tesco does not remove this from their shelves they are saying that they think it is okay for children of nine or 10 to be seen in this way. It is particularly bad that this is part of a uniform range. Even the name of the skirt is suggestive."

The skirt is sold in the supermarket for £8.

It is nearly 4 inches (over 10 cm) shorter than skirts sold at either Asda or Sainsbury's as part of their school uniform ranges.

A spokesman for Tesco insisted that it was down to parents to decide what was "appropriate" for their child.

He said: "We would never sell schoolwear that we considered to be inappropriate. We do not think this skirt is inappropriate and neither do the parents we've talked to. Many of our schoolwear buyers are mums themselves and we know that parents really care about what their children wear. Parents tell us they want a choice of styles so we sell 18 school skirts in our range, including the traditional styles, and 17 styles of trousers."

Primark was criticised earlier for selling padded bikinis for children as young as seven. It stopped selling the range in April after pressure from child protection groups and after David Cameron described the swim range as "disgraceful".

The company apologised for the £4 product and said profits from any bikinis already sold would go to a children's charity.

Prior to the General Election Mr Cameron said: "It's time for action. As parents we all worry about our children growing up too fast and missing out on their childhood.

"We cannot shield kids from the modern world and no-one would try, but we can try to stop them having inappropriate things put in front of them from an early age."

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

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