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Child’s Skirt Tutorial for Sewing BEGINNERS! :)  June 10, 2021 – 06:49 pm

CoupleJones Skirt tutorial

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I have several friends who are learning to sew right now – and I LOVE it! Sewing is such a fun skill to have, it opens so many possibilities creatively.CoupleJones Skirt Tutorial2 My mom taught my sister and I and a bunch of my friends to sew when I was in the 5th grade. She ran a little sewing school in our basement as a way to make a little extra money as a stay at home mom. My sister and I still talk about the culottes we strutted proudly in the fashion shows we had at the end of each sewing session.CoupleJones Skirt Tutorial3 I made a nautical themed vest and culotte matched set once…yeah…and THEN I wore it to Jr High. I was SO cool. If only the other 6th graders would have realized it.

Through the years I’ve been so thankful for the skills I learned back then and I’d love the chance to be able to help someone else learn.

I thought I’d do a quick tutorial on a SIMPLE girl’s skirt. This is a basic skirt, no frills or extras but it’s a great place to start.CoupleJones Skirt Tutorial3 Once you get this skirt down, you can start mixing it up – this is the same style of skirt that I made when I made my New Year’s Sparkle Skirt. Same skirt, more extras! :)

OK, First, you will need a half a yard of a basic cotton fabric. Don’t go fancy with your first few projects. Stay away from knit. Once you get these skills down and are more confident then you can go for it with whatever fabric you feel up to trying – but for now – let’s stick to the basics.

Because this is a child’s pattern, you should have enough length with a half a yard to go around the child’s waist completely with enough to have some gather. The smaller the child, the more full the skirt will be.

You will need a yard of elastic – I would recommend at least a half inch wide elastic so that your waistband will be less likely to roll. Also, scissors, straight pins, and thread. I will be using dark thread so you can easily see my seams but you should use thread that matches your fabric.

Start by trimming the selvage edge off the sides of your fabric. This is the edge that has been treated so it won’t fray and usually it will have the brand info on it and sometimes it has little holes in it and is a different texture than the rest of the fabric. So we want to get rid of those suckers.

Next, fold your fabric in half as shown below, with the inside out.

A few things to make sure you know before sewing the first seam. You should use a straight stitch for your first few projects, until you get the hang of it or are directed otherwise by your pattern. AND every time you start or end a seam, you should reverse a stitch or two and then continue on your way. This makes it so the seam won’t unravel. Again, there are exceptions to this rule later on in sewing but for beginners, it’s a good practice.

CoupleJones Skirt Tutorial3 CoupleJones Skirt Tutorial4 CoupleJones Skirt Tutorial5 CoupleJones Skirt Tutorial6

Source: couplejones.wordpress.com

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'So You Think You Can Dance': The final four  — Houston Chronicle
7:16 Gabby's arms literally have goose bumps on them right now. Good to know. 7:24 Oh look, .. Can we just declare the two girls the champions this season? When they tally the votes ..

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