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Latin dance wear, ballroom dance shoes, latin dance skirts & Salsa dresses.  September 6, 2013 – 11:22

T-Shirt Latin Dance Top with Lace Sleeve

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Dance styles

Along similar lines with women's skirts, I think dance styles also have a similar trend. In good economic times, swing was in (1950s after WWII and late 1990s dot-com (at least in SF area)). In recent years, blues dancing was the new in thing here in SF.
I don't think the skirt length has to do with amount of fabric. :) For some reason, people seem to get more conservative in bad economic times and crazier in good economic times. Or maybe they don't have any money to go out dancing and partying.
I tried searching to see if these were studied in any sort of sociological study to make this sort of on topic but haven't come up with anything yet

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The fact that it might be windy also applies to very short skirts. Little girls might look cute in flirty little skirts, but they could blow up in the wind.

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