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My Running Skirt Reviews | Marathon Training Academy  September 6, 2013 – 11:23

Angie_Garmin_Marathon During my 14th marathon I started to get annoyed with my running shorts. In the warm weather they kept riding up in the middle and I was focusing undue attention on yanking them into place. These Race Ready shorts have been my go-to shorts for races because of their unparalleled ability to hold fuel and accessories.However the time had come to try something new.

I know I’m way behind the running skirt bandwagon but I have been admiring how cute they are and have been influenced by women who say they’ll never go back to shorts. After my recent shorts angst I decided to test out some running skirts.

Late one night I sat at my computer reading reviews of dozens of running skirts. I knew the “perfect” skirt would have to be one to accommodate my large thighs and be on the longer side of the spectrum so that my confidence level didn’t take a total nose dive.

I ended up ordering four running skirts and evaluated them on fit,appearance,undershorts,storage (pockets),and price on a scale of 0-5 (zero being horrible and five being excellent).

*Note,this page contains affiliate links.If you buy a skirt using one of these links we will get a commission.

Lulemon Pace Setter Skirt Tall: Overall evaluation 4/5

I first tested this skirt during the Garmin Marathon. I broke the cardinal rule of not wearing anything new on race day,but I figure after 15 marathons I have the right to break a few rules.

  • Fit: This skirt has a universally flattering fit. The waistband is thick and comfortable with a drawstring for adjustability. The fabric is lightweight,moisture wicking and cool and there was no chaffing. The fit is good but you may want to order a size down.5/5
  • Appearance: Let me just say that this skirt is cute,cute,cute. I love the ruffles in the back and the pleating gives you extra room to move. I bought this skirt in black even though it comes in a large variety of colors. The front length is 13.25 inches and it’s a little longer in the back at 14.25 inches. I ordered the tall version of the Pace Setter Skirt for the longer length. It also comes in a shorter length (12.25 front and 13.25 back). 5/5
  • Undershorts: The built in shorts are approximately 4 inches in length and have a sticky elastic on the hem to keep them in place. In reality,the shorts rolled up in the first mile and I gave up on tugging them down. Once I resigned myself to the fact that they would just have to stay rolled up it didn’t bother me anymore. 2/5
  • Storage: This skirt could improve its storage capabilities. It had one secure zipper pocket on the back waistband and two inner gel pockets. I ended up wearing my SPI belt so that I could fit all my marathon fuel comfortably. 4/5
  • Price: At $58 this is a moderately priced skirt. This company makes quality clothing so I think it will hold up well for the price. 4/5

Source: marathontrainingacademy.com

Skirt Sports Skirt Sports Women's Gym Girl Ultra Skirt, Blue Horizon, Medium
Apparel (Skirt Sports)
  • Skirt length (Medium): 13.5? front | 14.5? back
  • Mesh-paneled slits on both sides for greater flexibility
  • Built-in semi-compression mesh Shorties for no creep, chafe-free support and 5 inch (Medium)
  • Two pockets, one on each outer thigh (does not accentuate hip), to accommodate nutrition, lip balm, media player
  • Sonic Music Port under waistband for media headset cord

Women furious over O`BAMA comments

Hillary Camp Assails Obama Anti-Palin Ad
Friday, October 31, 2008 1:59 PM
By: Dave Eberhart Article Font Size
Hillary Clinton supporters and Women for McCain leadership are slamming Barack Obama’s new ad, titled “His Choice,” as sexist and demeaning to women for its depiction of running mate Sarah Palin.
The ad features a McCain quote about relying on his vice president for economic advice — and then shows an unrelated clip of Palin winking mischievously at the camera.
The implication: She’s less than a person to be taken seriously

PTI is damn good

They show a list of topics, in order, with a running clock on time left (so you can grab a 2-min snack while their profiling women's college softball), two good hosts, good arguements and corrections at the end (it's minor, but gives the show credibility).
And thank you for the hot chicks comment. Fox is bad with that, like that "weather girl" during Fox's NFL shows. She's a waste of blue screen, with her knee high boots, tight sweater and short skirt. If I want porn, I'll re-up with Voluptuous.com for $20/mo and download all I want.

Random stupid question

Historically speaking....
Why were pants deemed the clothing for men and skirts/dresses for women?
Doesn't it seem like it should have been the other way around?
Men, with their package, would have more comfort with a dress or skirt.
Women, with society rules, should have their stuff enclosed in pants.
I'm home sick with the flu and one of the symptoms is stupid things running thru my head.


Please do not wear jeans. Wear the darkest colors you have, preferably a dress, skirt, or suit. You can also take sunglasses to hide running mascara if you think you will cry. Women used to wear veils for this purpose but sunglasses are considered okay now.
I know it sounds fuddy duddy to wear a dress, but it shows that you respect the family enough to dress up. Sorry for your loss.

Rahul & Shikha show long forgotten hand crafted techniques  — Fibre2fashion.com
It was a line of magnificent kalidaar kurtas, wide circular skirts, long angarkhas which layered over the kurtas for a swirling fluid collection.

Danskin Women's Stretch Woven Athletic skort with pockets, Blue L
Apparel ()
  • 86% polyester, 14% spandex
  • This skirt contains a built-in inner shorts
  • Elastic waistband and inner drawstring for a comfortable fit.
  • Two side pockets and a zipper coin pocket in the back
  • The Danskin tag will have a black line on the them. That simply indicates that... store excess inventory. They are still brand new, never worn and not seconds.

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