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Printed Dance Leggings Running Tights Pencil Skirt by Legging  April 8, 2021 – 07:59 pm
Health-conscious Japanese women are running in style - YTL

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GalaxyCrazy was founded by Arron, one space obsessed designers based in XiaMen Island
Arron was born in a beautiful gardens island . I attended Parsons The New School for Design, where I acquired a BFA in Fashion Design. Every garment is hand-made by me in my studio, and all of my fabrics are custom printed in the China. We use real images from outer space, and I also design my own prints inspired by these images.

I aim to be always ecologically responsible. Besides carefully hand-making each garment and sourcing all of my supplies locally, I use many organic fabrics and employ a waste-saving technique. This means that we design most of my garments to use up almost every inch of fabric, leaving next to nothing for the landfill.

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ililily Performance Crop Stretch Capri Legging with Flare Rollover Skirt-2
Apparel ()
  • Waist:70-92cm(26-36") / Length:70cm(26") / Inseam:43cm(17") / Skirt-Length:30cm(12")
  • Enough to wear alone
  • Leggings with flare skirt
  • Full coverage rollover skirt and Regular rise
  • Pull-on style with an easy elasticated waist

Don't know about pink...

Recovering goth-girl and mom here. i think what with hollywood, pink is waaay too mainstream at the moment seriously, like mombo says -- it's all a matter of what's practical, but it's amazing how impractical style can be:
ixnay on the platforms/high-heeled boots for running around after pre-schooler and 10 mo. old.
mini skirts have been shelved until i'm not bending over to pick up a kiddo constantly.
tall boots take too long to put on in the mornings -- it's funky bowling-style shoes every day i'm not at work.
my purple streaks look green blue and gray cause i haven't had a chance to touch them up in 2 months

What i do

You have to take the time to get organized. Simple things like sitting down once a week and planning your meals, getting on the calendar the neext week's/2 weeks activities so you can plan financially for them. Last minute stuff & running around adds up. Getting into the habit of planning, making lists can be hard at first, but IT WORKS.
Shop 2nd hand stores for stuff like jeans, shirts, skirts. A lot of stuff that is donated is in good condition, especially stuff for little kids as they grow out of stuff every year.
Clip coupons. Yes,that takes time and effort, but when you use them on things you buy anyway, the savings add up

I dont understand Islam.

I was with my kids on Sunday in Prospect Park. They were having fun at the playground running around and splashing in the water.
This muslim family comes in. The father was dressed in regular clothes and his 3 sons were dressed normally.
His wife and 3 daughters were all wrapped in the head scarfs and had on long sleeve shirts and skirts or dresses with stockings on.
The boys were wearing shorts and t shirts.
The mother was wearing the face veil thing so you could only see her eyes.
The sons were running around totally comfortable in the heat while the daughters and the wife looked miserable

Gift Certificates rant

Why I hate gift certificates for children:
Children do not get that they can be used anytime in the next 30 days...they do not have to be used immediately.
Children do not get that running from store to store to store isn't fun for moms.
Children do not understand that just because you have a gift certificate doesn't mean that mom will supplement the payment when you find something you can't LIVE WITHOUT that costs, on sale, twice the value of the gift certificate.
People often give kids gift certificates to the same stores, without checking with the parents first

Rahul & Shikha show long forgotten hand crafted techniques  — Fibre2fashion.com
It was a line of magnificent kalidaar kurtas, wide circular skirts, long angarkhas which layered over the kurtas for a swirling fluid collection.

Skirt Sports Skirt Sports Women's Lotta Breeze Capri Skirt, Fiesta Print/Black, Medium
Apparel (Skirt Sports)
  • Skirt length (Medium): 12.5? front | 14? back
  • All-mesh skirt with wide waistband for ultimate comfort
  • Semi-compression mesh capri leggings for ultimate support with18.5 inch inseam (Medium)
  • Two hip pockets for essentials and easy access ball pocket
  • Sonic Music Port below waistband for media headset cord
ililily Flare Skirt with Cropped Leggings Lightweight Stretch Skinny Pants (leggings-066-2)
Apparel ()
  • Waist:60-100cm(23.5-39") / Length:75cm(29") / Inseam:45cm(12") / Skirt-Lenth:34cm(13")
  • Enough to wear alone
  • Leggings with flare skirt
  • One size (Recommended for US Sizes 0 ~ 6 only)
  • Pull-on style with an easy elasticated waist
Skirt Sports Skirt Sports Women's Ice Queen Ultra Skirt, Black, Large
Apparel (Skirt Sports)
  • Skirt length (Medium): 13.5'' front | 14.5'' back
  • Two-panel windproof and water-resistant skirt, hidden drawstring for waist adjustability, open pocket on outer right side for quick access to storage
  • Built-in adjustable length leggings (33.5'' medium) with encased draw cord hidden on each leg
  • Sonic Music Port concealed under waistband for media headset cord and reflective zippered gussets at pant cuffs allow multiple footwear options
  • Windproof and water-resistant thigh panels extend below knees for joint protec...n each outer thigh), and paneling at back of each knee for freedom of movement

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