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Running Skirts Canada - Canadian Orders  September 6, 2013 – 11:23
RunLove Compression Socks

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Sizing info SubZero Winter Line Compression Socks Tops Maternity

NEW Argyle Skirts available in Running Skirt style (with brief) and Athletic Skirt style (with compression shorts!)

Running Skirts

The original running skirt is made with super lightweight performance fabric that wicks sweat away. The attached brief is made with reverse seams to prevent uncomfortable rubbing and chafing. Our skirts are designed with 2 side pockets.

Athletic Skirts

Our Athletic Skirt is made with the same lightweight fabric and has attached compression shorts underneath and two side pockets. Our Athletic Skirt provides a bit more coverage, perfect any workout! Great for cycling, weight training, aerobics, spin class and gym workouts. Now you can do all your pre and post run yoga poses and stretches without unnecessary overexposure -oops! You will love this fitness skort!

Subzero Skirts

Our Subzero line features our amazing & super cozy fabric with fleecy inside that wicks away sweat while providing cozy warmth. This full length running top features our with handy thumbholes.

Compression Socks

Pull on these knee high compression socks and instantly your legs will say "ah". These running compression socks are super comfy & warm! Great for those chilly runs.

Skirtcamp Line

Inspired by the military, our new print is a perfect balance of camoflage toughness with a touch of haute pink "girly-girl". Run tough, yet stylish in our new Skirt Camp Running Skirt line. The best part about our new Skirt Camp Line? 15% of all proceeds benefit Soldier On & Military Families Funds!

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5 dresses, 2 skirts, 2 fancy tops

5 polo shirts for work, shorts, 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of dress pants, 1 pair of casual pants, 1 bikini, 5 pairs of running shorts, 6 pairs of socks, 5 tank tops mostly for exercise, 1 bra, 4 sports bras, running shoes, shoes, heels (wearing boots, 2 pairs of jeans (including 1 pair I am wearing, 1 white puffy vest, a long jacket

Toe Socks and Tevas -

Since I absolutely cannot STAND Birkenstocks, and will never waste my money on another pair of Mephisto's again in my life...
toe socks on their own weird people out when worn by anyone too old for bedtime stories...but I've got knee-high ones in argyles, and stripes, and paisleys, and I wear them straight through the winter ;) because they're FUN.
and of course, all my Faire and costuming garb's the height of fashion-victimry - running around looking like an extra in a Danny Kaye musical's always good for a laugh.
but if I had to pick a 'modern' favorite..

What I wonder is

Why the supposedly chaste and consevative Catholic Church continues to dress its girls like that, when everyone knows it drives men wild.
There's a catholic school near my house, and I see all these 12 year olds running around in the little skirts and high knee socks, and I think, 'Do their parents actually think this will DEFLECT the perverts?'
What are they thinking?

Rahul & Shikha show long forgotten hand crafted techniques  — Fibre2fashion.com
It was a line of magnificent kalidaar kurtas, wide circular skirts, long angarkhas which layered over the kurtas for a swirling fluid collection.

Svforza Gear SVF Headbands (Neon Pink, One Size )
Sports (Svforza Gear)
  • One Size Fits Most
  • 3 inch tall in the front tapering to 1.5 inches tall in the back and 20 inches around
  • This Performance Activewear fabric is Moisture Wicking, Antibacterial, UV protected, and offers a 4-way Stretch for optimal comfort and durability.
  • See matching spandex shorts, running skirts, arm sleeves, leg sleeves and wrist wallets
  • Made in the USA

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