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Sensible living with style: *SAMPLE SALE* A Slew of J.Crew  September 6, 2013 – 11:22

With summer officially starting this Friday, I'm sure many of you are feeling like going for a stroll in the sun or taking a weekend trip somewhere relaxing. Whatever you have planned for these upcoming hot months, you'll want to stock up on your summer essentials first. For my relaxing casual wear, I decided to attend J.Crew's sample sale to get a cool spin on my summer outfits. From maritime stripes to bright hues, there were a slew of J.Crew goodies available at discount. Let's have a look!

This week's J.Crew sample sale kicked off earlier today for press. When I arrived I found the showroom filled to the usual gills with the label's lovely prints and fabulous boy-meets-girl separates. Per usual, the floor at 260 Sample Sale was divided into 7 basic groups: women's apparel, shoes, handbags, jewelry, accessories, men's apparel, and Crewcuts. I started my search in the womenswear section. The clothing racks were comprised of items like chambray shirts & dresses, high sequin pencil skirts, eye-popping prints, bridesmaid dresses, colorful tweed jackets, office blazers, and a whole lotta summery colors. Dresses were $30 & $60, blazers were $120, skirts were $25 & $40, sweaters were $35~$90, and swimwear was $25 & $40. Collection pieces were "as marked" at $50~$300. Prices were identical to last year's November sale but the selection in women's apparel was by far better. Sizes were well represented with everything ranging between XS and XL. In addition, if you're planning a wedding, there was a nice selection of bridesmaid dresses as well as this elegant pearl blossom bridal dress.

Just like their last sale in November, the shoes were placed in the back of the room. Here, I spotted everything from Kiki ballet flats & Marina espadrilles to Elsa flat sandals & Etta cap toe pumps. Prices on shoes were mostly $65~$100. As for handbags, I found Edie purses in dark navy and neon green. There were also a few Biennial satchels in oak, Invitation clutches in light pink, and miniaudières in various styles.

Jewelry section was definitely worth a peek. Many beautiful summer sparkles lined the 3 big glass showcases. I suggest grabbing a few of these lovely discounted jewelry pieces as they can easily transform a simple sweater into a head-turning outfit. Embellished necklaces were $60 while bracelets & earrings were $25. Other accessories such as scarves, belts, ties, and hats were also available. They were all $20 each.

The men's section was comprised of preppy button-down shirts, casual separates, sporty outerwear, and shoes. For the men that plan to attend this sale, everything you need will be located on the left side of the venue. Sizes were abundant and prices were exactly the same as womenswear.

Further markdowns will likely happen towards the end of the sale so look out for my tweets later this week. Happy hunting!!

Price list:

Medium/Large leather bags $130
Small leather bags $90
Medium/Large fabric bags $45
Small fabric bags $20
Belts/Ties/Pocket squares/Hats/Scarves $20
Socks/Tights/Small accessories $10Jewelry
Embellished necklaces $60
Necklaces $35
Bracelets/Earrings $25
Rings $20
Bangles $15
Pins $10
Hair accessories $5

Source: www.mizhattan.com

What I did

I went from size 10 to size 2 and found the best thing to do was buy a few cheap/on sale clothes that fit me correctly.(Old Navy worked great for this). I did find some cute stretchy fabric pants/skirts that I still wear. Also wrap around dresses work well, you can get them in a smaller size & "grow into them" For me I couldn't stand wearing saggy pants after I had accomplished loosing so much weight. Congrats!

As far as staples go,

I usually buy far less bottoms than I do tops, because nobody really notices when you wear pretty much the same basics--black pants, ann taylor khaki-colored pants, plain-colored skirts.
I have a few pants and skirts that are stand-out, and I wear them with the more basic tops.
I have a lot of long-sleeve (mostly black) shirts and t-shirts in really luxe fabrics that look cute with anything but still put together (I work in a semi-casual environment, too) and then a lot of button downs and wrap tops. I can find those at JC Penney for fairly cheap, especially when the season changes and they go on sale, as well as Banana Republic

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