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Wrap Skirt  September 6, 2013 – 11:21
Wrap Skirts For Women

Remember those cute little skirts that wrapped around your waist and tied with a simple and quick bow at your hip? Sometimes they had a button on the waist instead of a tie? Yeah, those skirts. The really cute ones. I have made the girls a few to have something different to wear to church. You can make one in about an hour without a special pattern. Here is how to get a custom fit perfect for your height and your hips and waist line. Measure your waist. Let’s say your waist is 30 inches. Take your measurement of 30 inches and add half to itself. 30 inches + 15 inches = 45 inches Now we need to figure the proper ratio of waist to hem. For the waistline we will multiply by 30%. 45inches x .3 = 13.5 (round up to 14 inches). Now let’s figure the hem line by multiplying by 40%. 45 inches x .4 = 18 inches. Next is how long do you want your skirt? Shall it hit you at just above your knee or just below your knee? Measure from your waist to where you want your skirt to fall. In the deeper south we tend to wear our skirts much longer. For simplicity sake let’s say you want your skirt to be 27 inches long. So we have three numbers. 14, 18 and 27. Let’s add 3 inches to each number so we can account for seam allowance, waist band and hem. Our measurements become 17 inches, 21 inches and 30 inches. How will we make a skirt from just some numbers? Get out a piece of newspaper and a ruler and marking pen. Let’s transfer those meaurements to newspaper to have something to work from. It is easiest to work from the centerfold of the paper.

It is not as hard as it may seem. You can draw this out on newspaper in just a matter of a couple of minutes.**Diagrams are copyright bigredcouch.com

Source: bigredcouch.com

Reversible 3/4 silk sari wrap skirt by Jedzebel DN20
Apparel ()
  • Reversible silk wrap skirt - wearable on both sides
  • Made from vintage India silk saris - patchwork
  • All Jedzebel clothing is made under Fair Trade practices
  • Jedzebel has been working in the villages of India for 15 years making silk sari garments
  • One size fits most

Poll: Dolling up for Boy's friends?

An earlier poll asked if we primped more going out with our friends or our BF/SO. I realized that I really slather on the charm and look cute for when I meet my Boy's friends. I am actually pretty deliberate about it, and I wonder do other women do anything similar?
My current Boy's different friend groups are mostly male and sorta dorky (IT guys)--so it's pretty easy to wow them on several levels.
Here's my set-up:
Before leaving my place I shower, curl my long hair and wrap it in a tight bun to preserve the curl on the ride over. I bicycle several miles (10-15 depends on the neighborhood) and arrive at the bar looking like a tough messenger chick (cropped pants, muscle shirt, cool glasses, sorta sweaty)


Be proud of your curves!
There's no rule that says that girls with curves have to wear baggy clothes. As long as they aren't three sizes too small it's fine!
My rec would be to get a pencil skirt with some stretch and a back vent. It should be snug (but not tight enough to creep up) across your butt & hips and then a little looser towards your knees. The back vent is so you can walk. No front vents! They look horrible even on teeny people.
As for dresses, I love wrap-style dresses on curvy women, as long as you can find ones that don't "v" too low in the front. So maybe a faux-wrap with some shirring

Yes! Yes! Yes! The steam team behind the Fifty Shades of Grey film  — Evening Standard
VB's body-con dresses and super-tight pencil skirts are considered perfect for the film, although other designers including Donatella Versace, Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs are also being considered for wardrobe duties.

Krishna Mart A Ethnic Cotton Batik Printed Boho Hippie Gypsy Color Yellow Women's Long Wrap Around Skirt
Single Detail Page Misc (Krishna Mart)
  • Cotton Batik Printed Hippie Boho Gypsy Women's Long Rapron Skirt
  • color and design as seen in picture
  • Length 35" have free size of waist
  • Super soft 100% cotton
  • At Lowest Affordable Price Directly from India
Maggy London Maggy London Women's Chain Printed Jersey Wrap Dress, Purple/Black, 8
Apparel (Maggy London)
  • Bodice lined in tricot sleeves and skirt unlined
  • No zipper
TLB Roma Bohemian Wrap Around Long Skirt - Black Tie Dye L: 36.5"; Waist: Free Size
Apparel ()
  • 100% Cotton

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