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The Importance of Wearing Proper Capezio Dance Wear  April 8, 2021 – 07:58 pm
Capezio Dancewear

Dance is generally considered as an artistic component of human art and culture. Each dance genre is unique and is distinguished by specific body movements. To accentuate the form and movements of each dance, wearing the right dancing clothes and pair of dance shoes is essential.

Dancewear for Ballet
Ballet is a sophisticated form of dance that is generally performed for theater audiences. Therefore, all ballet movements require greater poise and elegance than some of the modern dances. Every jete, pirouette and arabesque must be properly executed to ensure a graceful and natural performance. However, there are certain conditions that could influence the way you perform your dance moves and one of these is the quality of ballet dance apparel that you wear. So in order to make sure that all your movements are emphasized and executed well, it is of prime importance that you invest in the right Capezio dance wear that matches your chosen dance genre.

If you are into ballet, you must understand that every movement should be done with such finesse that is a trademark of the genre. Every movement should be done surely to a state of perfect fluidity. Wrap skirts and tutus are designed to draw attention to your leg movement without interrupting your dance. Meanwhile, ballet shoes are designed to make your legs look longer and at the same time, support your toes as you perform your jete, arabesque and pirouette.

Capezio Dancewear for Modern Dance
Modern dancing is characterized by your own interpretation of a dance. It is not limited to a set structure but has a rather strict dress code. If you check the list of Capezio dancing clothes for modern dance, you would notice that they are usually simple and understated. But like in ballet, you need to choose Capezio dance clothing that is form-fitting in order to dance the modern genre well. For females dancing a modern dance, you may wear a dance dress or a camisole leotard that has a light skirt attached to it. On the other hand, male modern dancers usually wear dance leotards with or without tops.

When dancing the modern genre, dancers don’t usually wear any dance shoes. The absence of dance shoes and the use of simple attire help bring out your body’s innate flexibility.

Tap Dancing and Capezio Dancing Attire
When tap dancing, the parts of the body that get pounded and used are the feet that is why the heaviest dance costume accessories are the shoes. To attract the attention, you must choose tap dance costumes that are bold and flamboyant. Your tap dancing shoes must be really sturdy since they are the focal point of your performance. With that, it would be best to choose tap dance shoes that are simple so that they will not clash with the rest of your dancing clothes even if there is a need to change your costumes every so often in a single night of performance.

There are many dance genres that are getting worldwide attention. Those into arts are even making their own interpretations of these genres, thereby making sub-classifications of these dances. What is important is that you buy Capezio dance wear that fits the genre that you have chosen. In case you haven’t made up your mind on which genre to practice and eventually perfect, you will never go wrong with a pair of dance leotards and some Capezio dance tights since they are parts of the basic dance costumes across all known dance styles.

Source: www.alycedancewear.com

Capezio Capezio Girls 2-6x Tutu Skirt W/ Glitter Tulle,Pink,S (4-6)
Apparel (Capezio)
  • Skirt: 100% Nylon
  • Glitter tulle mesh
  • Ribbon bow
  • Hand wash mild detergent. no bleach. hang to dry.
  • Imported


Ok, first the general question--what shoes with skirts and tights?
knee boots
ankle booties
dance style shoes a la capezio maryjanes or as someone else suggested, miz mooz shoes.
however, oxfords, ankle boots and dance shoes only work with narrow skirts--this is sexy.
with wider skirts they are dowdy and you need knee boots.
the dress you are posting needs black knee boots and a sweater over or a tight tee under it to be winterized.
if your legs are thick stay away from calf boots, and be careful with ankle boots and oxfords; your legs might look bigger.

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Capezio Circular Pull-On Skirt, Pink-Medium
Apparel (Capezio)
  • Capezio Children's Collection Circular Pull-On Skirt
  • 100% Polyester
  • Organza bow trim
  • 1/2" tunneled elastic waistband
Capezio Capezio Girls 7-16 Print Pull-On Skirt, Wild Kingdom, Medium (8-10)
Apparel (Capezio)
  • Pull on
  • Printed
Capezio Capezio Girls 2-6x Camisole Tutu Dress,Black,S (4-6)
Apparel (Capezio)
  • Bodice: 90% Nylon, 10% Spandex
  • Skirt: 100% nylon
  • Full front lining
  • Hand wash mild detergent. no bleach. hang to dry.
  • Imported
Capezio Capezio Girls 2-6X Print Pull-On Skirt, Monet, Small (4-6)
Apparel (Capezio)
  • Pull on
  • Printed

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