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Guide to choosing your flamenco dance wardrobe. Special feature  April 24, 2021 – 09:59 am

Guide to choosing your flamenco dance wardrobe. Special feature

If you're gonna dance flamenco, get the right gear!

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When you turn up for your first flamenco dance class you need a basic kit consisting of shoes with a heel and press-stud fastener and the right clothes. The key garment is the layered skirt, which must not only be comfortable, but also designed and made from material that allows it to move freely. In reality, it acts as an extension of the bailaora's body, and even requires a specific technique to set it in motion in time to the music. So it needs to be made from a light, manageable material, hanging loosely. The most basic models are:

If the skirt needs a more generous flare, the designers create models incorporating ‘godet’ - wedges of fabric which are inserted between the seams to give the garment much greater width.

Rehearsal skirt .
Godet model without ruffle

Sometimes this piece is utilized to make the garment more showy, and is made from polkadot material, as is the case of the:

Godet skirt with polkadots

Using these basic types of skirt as a starting point, designers create more imaginative, more flamenco models, adding a characteristic element of this dance form's traditional costume: ruffles. Once the technique of moving the skirt is mastered, if the garment has ruffles a much more aesthetically pleasing effect can be obtained. You can try, depending on your taste, one of the following models:

Skirts known as ‘rocieras’, rather than clinging to the hips and waist of the bailaora, are gathered at the waist, or cut at the hip to make the skirt fuller and give it even more bounce and volume. So that this is even more the case, they normally have one or two ruffles and, according to the design, polkadot fabric used in different combinations. Choose from the following:

Source: www.flamenco-world.com

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