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Egyptomaniac the Shopping Maniac: OOTD: 3/7/13 -Review: Boden Pique Mini  September 6, 2013 – 11:21

Shirt: Brooks Brothers, sz. 2

Skirt: Boden Pique Mini, sz. US 4 Long

Shoes: Franco Sarto

Bag: LV Evora

I haven't done a review of Boden for a while now, and I have quite a few items from their spring/summer line waiting to be showcased, so I thought I'd start with the Pique Mini.

I ordered the my usual Boden sz. 4, and since this was a "mini" skirt, I opted for the Long length. Garment measurements for the 4L are 28" waist, 22" length--which is right on the mark with Boden sizing. It fit perfectly. I cannot say enough how much I appreciate that Boden offers most of their skirts, bottoms, and dresses in Long lengths! Most of my clothes I buy with the intent of wearing to work, and there is no way I could have pulled of the regular 19" length in this skirt.

Construction and craftsmanship are what I would expect from Boden--well made. The pique material has a very nice texture to it giving it visual interest, and while not overly heavy, the material was nice and substantial. The skirt is fully lined, but the material is so nice, it's almost not necessary. I chose the 'Light Bronze' color, and to my eye it reads as a mustard-y yellow with a hint of green. Goldenrod or turmeric maybe. I don't see the "bronze" in it at all, but it's still a very nice color that would work well into fall. After finding this one fit so well, I went back and ordered the "Driftwood Doves" colorway. That one definitely reads as warm gray on a cream background.

I really liked the design on this one. With a more A-line shape, it's a nice break from the standard pencil shape. Plus, anything with pockets will win me over. I will mention two possible issues though--the back zip and the waistband gathers.

The back zip is a heavy, exposed zipper in an antique bronze color, which may bother some. I have no feelings either way about exposed zippers so it didn't bother me, but it certainly lends a more casual vibe to the skirt. The other potential issue is the gathers/pleating at the waistband. If you have a tummy pouch or plan to tuck bulky tops in, the gathers could accentuate and create a bulge, depending where the skirt hits at your waist. I have a pretty flat stomach so it was fine for me, but I can see where it may not be flattering on certain body types or with certain tops tucked in.

Overall, I was very happy with this one. My closet is lacking in non-pencil shaped skirts, and this one is very easy to dress up or dress down. I was able to snag both on promo for less than $50, so well worth it. My biggest complaint is that there aren't enough color options. I thin a red, pink or coral would be welcome color additions.

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Alki'i High Waist Full/Ankle Length wear-to-work long skirt - Black, L
Apparel ()
  • Elastic Waist S=22"-26",M=26"-30",L=30"-34",XL=34"-38"
  • 39" total length. 4.5" high elastic waist band
  • Wear to work or casually. Great neutral colors to go with any top
  • 95% polyester, 5% spandex, super soft fabric

Yeah this lil skagg was wearing black knees high

With this lil blue ruffled skirt and black wife beater. I looked at her giggled and just turned around yelling THERES NO PLACE LIKE HOME!!!! It looked horrible. And to THINK I tried this back in 94 when it was "OK" to do this. Too many styles from too many diff years trying to make a come back at the same time. Thatll last as long as the leggings under the skirts fade that tried to make a come back a couple months ago.

How long have you been at your job?

Some folks just starting out have limited resources to go out and buy a complete wardrobe.
I used to pick up things a little at a time.
I wish I was still working in retail. I used to enjoy helping others with their wardrobes. It's very simple.
Black/navy/brown (pants or skirts)
creme/pink/& whatever color (tops)
Go to TJ-Maxx & pick up a simple scarf, a pearl necklace & post earrings. Accessories can change the outfits a bit.
Are you working in a cosmopolitan city in an environment that is fashion oriented or are you in a cubicle all day where most work places have casual dress?
Have fun, enjoy your job, life's too short to obsess on what we wear

He often told her how he loved her long

Brown hair.
He often told her he loved her style.
suede skirts and her tough black boots.
He said he loved her hippie ways. "im not a hippie" she would say.
He loved how she drove.
He loved her because she was differant than the neighboorhood girls.
They all got married right after high school.
She traveled
across the country.
She camped.
She wore army pants with nice sweaters.
She drank jack daniels if she did drink
she didnt take shit
thats for sure.

b2cdress.co.uk  — BlogHer
The fact that it might be windy also applies to very short skirts. Little girls might look cute in flirty little skirts, but they could blow up in the wind.

HOME CITY INC. Vanessa Collection Luxury Solid Microfiber Bed Skirt, Twin X-Long, Black
  • 100% microfiber
  • Available sizes: Twin Extra Long, Queen and King
  • All sizes have 15 inch drop
  • Machine Washable
  • Available Colors: Burgundy, Black, Gold, Ivory, Light Blue, Mocha, Plum, Sage, Silver, Tan, Taupe and White

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