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Video: Cycling in a Long(ish) Skirt | Let's Go Ride a Bike  April 15, 2021 – 01:18 pm
Riding skirt, western cowgirl, cotton suede, split skirt, RW505

by DottieAs you may have noticed, I enjoy wearing skirts and dresses, which means that I often cycle in skirts and dresses. Last summer, I posted about cycling in a long dress on a bike with a chainguard and soon made a part II video on a “regular” bike with no chainguard. In both cases, I was wearing ankle length dresses and had to be careful that the hem would not catch in the chain.

Recently, I found myself wanting to wear a new long(ish) skirt on my regular bike. This skirt stops about 6 inches above my ankle. I thought I would have to gather the skirt to keep it from the chain and back wheel, but discovered that the skirt hem stayed far from those danger zones once I’m up on the saddle.

I made a quick video to demonstrate how easy bicycling in this long skirt can be – no special accessories or preparation needed.

Bicycling in a Long(ish) Skirt from LGRAB on Vimeo.

Do you have long(ish) skirts that you can cycle in with no problem?

(p.s. I’ll be using Vimeo to post videos now; I’m tired of all the Creepy McCreepersons on YouTube. Visit our channel.)

Source: letsgorideabike.com

Hot shorts, not bike shorts though. :(

From what I can tell those aren't bike shorts, not that I'm complaining. :) Bike shorts are normally substantially thicker than that, helps keep your crotch from getting chaffed and sore while you're riding for hours on end.
The girlfriend's roommate wore shorts like those (only less rise...) to bed every night. Gave me a hardon like you wouldn't believe. I love being able to see the outline of a womans mons through her skintight pants/shorts. It's about the only good thing winter does around here. As long as the ladies aren't going to be wearing skirts, they might as well wear skintight spandex. :)

Peruvian Paso - so cool.

DS married a lovely Peruvian girl, so when I discovered Peruvian Pasos online, being a horse lover from way back I naturally looked. Very cool, beautiful animals, tho kinda scary to dance barefoot in long skirts with a horse whose rider is wearing a broad-brimmed presumably vision-impairing hat :-)
for me, the daydream is a gaited horse - Peruvian Paso, Paso Fino, TN Walker, even a Rocky Mountain Horse - and the (lottery) money to keep it in a full-board barn with a heated indoor ring for winter riding, and trails for summer riding. And the available time to ride at least 3x / week.

OH, you've hit a soft spot with me. I love

Classical music, too. I have several sites on my tool bar. Vavaldi's concerto for mandolin is a lead in to a hundred of his finest efforts, Beethovan's 5,7, and 9th syphonies, dance macabre, and a bunch more.
I was in Amsterdam in 1969, It was so cold that under my Navy issued wools and long underwear and three layers of sox I was just mortified with cold. And then I'd see these girls riding bikes with short skirts. It was just really awesome. I went to time square hotel for a weekend that same year. That was a kick. Never been to Paree.


That reminded me of another I had long since hidden deep in the recesses of my memory. It was in high school and I was riding the city bus home wearing my little plaid uniform when a fellow old enough to be my grandfather came over and started chatting, and then blurted out, "So, do all the girls at your school wear skirts like that?"

b2cdress.co.uk  — BlogHer
The fact that it might be windy also applies to very short skirts. Little girls might look cute in flirty little skirts, but they could blow up in the wind.

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